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Volunteer Interest Survey

Please provide us with some information about your interests and talents and the time that you may be available to help support Get Active Howard County (GAHC)  



GAHC depends on dedicated team captains facilitating communication flow to their team members. The GAHC platform is designed to support team captains and make it easy and efficient for them to serve.  Team captains are passionate about wellness and enjoy playing a roll that supports others in their pursuit of making wellness a priority.  A team can be as few as 2 individuals.  It can be an entire organization or departments within an organization.  It can be an entire school, individual classroom or school faculty.  It can be a group of friends, neighbors or even a family.  We need leaders throughout our community to become team captains.  Will you serve as a team captain?  If yes, please complete the form on the right side of this page and sign-up!

One of the key objectives of Get Active Howard County is making available a wide variety of physical activities, health related workshops and programs that support wellness.  GAHC seeks to partner with community organizations and professionals focused on wellness so that, together, we can educate and motivate individuals throughout Howard County to make their health and wellness a priority.  Activity Sponsors are wellness professionals and wellness based organizations that share our commitment and wish to support Get Active Howard County in line with the intended spirit of this initiative.  Together, our purpose is to serve our community by improving lives and helping all Howard Countians in our schools, workplaces and community to make health & wellness a priority. Activity Sponsor Agreement  If you are, or would like to be, a GAHC Activity Sponsor, please complete the interest survey in the right panel of this page.
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(TEAMS: Schools; Workplace; Community). The roll of “Team Recruitment” is an outreach position.  TEAM RECRUITMENT volunteers focus first on identifying leaders in a particular target market:  Workplaces; Schools; Community.  They communicate the opportunity, develop interest and enroll captains.  Get Active Howard County provides the tools and support to help our team recruitment volunteers to be successful.  

This position requires individuals with leadership and organizational skills.  Relationship managers stay in touch with team captains and provide support and encouragement.  Goals are to facilitate team captains; motivate them; increase engagement and improve team captain retention. When team captains are strongly supported they are more engaged and, in turn, teams stays more engaged.   Team Captain Relationship Managers market GAHC, share “Good/Better/Best Practice strategies and support or lead Team Captain training webinars.

One of the key components that make GAHC unique, is not just the diversity of our calendar in terms of wellness opportunities, but the spirit in which wellness organizations, wellness professionals and health professionals provide their opportunities to GAHC members.  Activity Sponsor Development is about identifying potential activity sponsors; communicating the “spirit of the initiative” and recruiting them as activity sponsors on our calendar.

Calendar monitoring requires individuals to provide database management, calendar updating, and accurate data entry.
  Currently, the primary use of the calendar is for the 10 week GAHC initiative.  However, a long term goal is to provide the calendar year round.  
Partners are our key contributors to the direction and timing GAHC takes in providing timely information and education about current wellness initiatives and focused health topics. Partner relationship managers are proactive in communicating with partner organizations.  The primary goal of Partner Relationship Managers is to insure that our communications are timely and most effectively directed to the calendar and programming teams.
The program development team has the primary responsibility for putting together the diverse calendar of events, educational workshops, screenings and programs.  GAHC protocol and established rules  (1) Instructions from partner organizations (i.e., LHIC, HCGH, Howard County Health Dept., CA, Howard County Government, Howard County Recreation & Parks, HCPSS, HCC,  HCCC, UMD of Integrative Health)