Promoting Healthy Lifestyles at Home, School, and in the Workplace.


Welcome to the COVID GET FIT STAY FIT Challenge


Not a contest; an opportunity to join us in-person or virtually for our 12 week challenge to help you get in shape and stay in shape!  Every Saturday we will be live and virtual at the park for the always
FREE "Boot Camp in the Park" (perfect for all ages and fitness levels)


For 12 weeks, we challenge you to eat healthy, sleep healthy and get active.
- Take this opportunity to re-set your mind for success (starts Saturday, Sept. 12 but you can start any time)
- If participating on-site Saturday mornings- bring an exercise band if you have one. (limited supply on-site)
- If you are participating virtually, having an excerise band will allow you to participate more fully.
- Weigh yourself (for you own information only) - for some, it's a weight loss challenge; others it's maintance
- Track what you eat (recommend you download or use any other tracker)
- Make a goal to go to sleep at a set time and create a routine that includes 8 hours of sleep-- not possible? be honest with yourself and set another realistic goal that works for you. (7 hours is better than 6)
- Encourage a friend/family member to join you and encourage each other to stay committed

Week 1 - 4:  Show-up!  (Small steps; wake up each moring with a plan.  Exercise early.  Even if it's a 10 minute walk and a healthy breakfast.  For day 1 thru 20 it's about showing up each day and taking small steps to build in healthy habits.  If 10 minutes turns into 20, 30 or 60 great; but what's important is to showing up each day.

Week 5 - 8: Step-up! You set your goals; now keep your committment to yourself.  for the next 20 days, keep tracking your physical activity, what you eat and your sleep.  Stay committed.  If you are exercizing heavy, make sure you allow yourself recovery days.  However, even on those days, make a habit of moving for atleast 10 min. and stick to your schedule.  Don't be so rigid that you can't stick to your program; think "Energy Balance"

Week 9 - 12: Step-out!  You have come far and you have developed new healthy habits.  Now that you are outside of your old box, make the committment to stay there!  Challenge yourself to find the balance that is right for you.  Remember "Energy Balance".  


Hope to see you this Saturday,  October 24th from 9am-10am (Live at Centennial Park, Pavillion H or virtually on Zoom).   Participants in the Challenge are not required to participate in the Saturday morning always FREE "BootCamp in the Park", but everyone is encouraged to do so!  This is a great way to check in, be part of the energy and feel the support of your tribe. 

 In order to experience lasting behavior change, maintaining your committment is critical - even when you don't necessarily feel like staying the course.  That means holding yourself accountable every step of the way.  

- Take on a mindset that your habit is a promise to yourself.    Once you make promises to yourself that matter, that bring you joy, you will be more motivated to achieve them and it will change how you look at goals.  You can than be the kind of person you want to be- the one you practice being-instead of the one you just dreamed of being.
- Find a goals oriented community.  Group energy provides support. It's both beneficial and rewarding.
- Write it down.  You become more accountable when you put your committment to paper.
- Keep visuals in front of you.  Prepare your surrounders to support your habit.  Have a glass of water by your bed and a water bottle ready to go on your kitchen counter.  Lay out your running clothes the night before.  

- Schedule awards.
- Enlist an accountability buddy.
- Find your why/ Identify your purpose.  



So, how many days to take to form a habit?  One common response is 21 days; but is that necessarily true?  Consider this. Not all habits are created equal and the time it takes for a behavior to become a habit will depend on a multitude of different factors, including:

  • complexity of the new activity
  • how it fits in your routine
  • how often you practice it
  • individual differences

Let's assume that you have two goals....
(1) Drinking a glass of water with in the morning  Or  (2) Going for an hour long run moments after you roll out of bed...
Which of these two goals do you think will become a habit quicker?    Yeah, that’s what I thought; the water.


WEEK 3:  TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH:  What if better health were a choice; wouldn't you think most people would choose to have it?  

Scores of studies and years of medically supported evidence says that each of us has the power, through our choices, to achieve better health.  For many, health isn't valued until sickness comes.  Sadly, most people don't understand the true value of their health...until they lose it.

You are the one that can make the biggest impact on your own health.  Managing your healthcare and living well doesn't have to a complicated proposition.  Here is some information you can use to empower you to take charge of one the most important areas of your life...YOUR HEALTH!  If health were like wealth, we would accept that it may take extra time and effort today, but that’s worth it because of the return on that investment tomorrow.  Neglecting health, costs us individually and collectively in both health and wealth.  Being sick is very expense in every currency that matters:  time, effort, opportunity cost, legacy and yes, dollars.

8 Steps to Take Today - Healthy Living Starts Right Now. - WEBMD/ Miranda Hitti


If you made some mistakes this past week, the key is to FORGIVE YOURSELF and stay in the game--- 

Another key is to PLAN IN ADVANCE.  Think about what you are going to be eating tomorrow.  If you know later in the week that you have a dinner engagement, make adjustments earlier in the week.  Learn to manage your Energy Balance


Last week I was driving to my office in the morning when the craving came.  I put the turn single on and moved into the exit lane.  It wasn't just a habit;  I could feel my mind craving the egg & cheese sandwich that I would be enjoying minutes later.  I can remember my thoughts --"Don't forget, you are committed to reducing your calories, eating healthier and making better choices.  Yea, but this isn't that bad... I'll throw away the top of the bagel, and scrape away most of the bad can that be?  Well, I thought, if I keep giving in to these little cravings, I know it will add up. More importantly, I thought, this is a habit to break.  This is what this challenge is all about.   I moved back into my lane and passed the exit.   Minutes later, the craving went away and I knew that I was winning!  I litterally felt the craving disappear, a little victory but...each of these little victories adds up.   So try to remember to pass the exit!" 

Join us for the always FREE "BootCamp in the Park" this Saturday morning from 9am-10am.  If you have an excerize band, bring it with you.  Don't forget to bring your water and your mat.   Hope to see you rain or shine!


Saturday, September 19th-- over 50 participated either in person or virtually.  Today we included bands in all of our stations.  However, most of the exercises can be done with light handweights or even without any weights.  If you are not using bands or weights, focus on tightening the muscle groups at the same moment you would have engaged them if you were holding weights.  Hold the muscle tight through the motion.  Don't forget to breathe.  THe general prescription during exercising is to inhale before and during the exercise and exhale after.  Please try to remember to bring a BAND on Saturday mornings (and have one at home if participating virtually).  We are doing our best to record the Saturday morning workouts and plan on uploading them soon.  You will find some helpful links to band exercise routines further down the page.

Saturday, September 13th-- over 50 participated either in person or virtually to kick-off our challenge at the always FREE "Boot Camp in the Park".  While it's optional to participate with us on Saturday mornings, it's great to have the support and energy of your "Boot Camp in the Park" tribe!  

So what do we mean by "Show-up"?  It's about making a committment to yourself to take action.  Get in the mindset.  Start now.  If you falter, get back up. Each morning is another opportunity for success--stay committed.   The first 20 days is all about showing up.  

(1) If you haven't already weighed in, do it tomorrow morning.  (2) If you didn't get off to the great start you planned, wake-up tomorrow morning and begin again.  Don't lay in the bed.  When the eyes open, start the habit tomorrow of getting right up. drink water, get moving.  It does't matter how far you go or how hard you workout; it's about showing up!  (3) Go to If you key in what you eat, this app will help you find your right balance of carbs, protein and fats.  For the first 20 days, it's about learning the tools and buidling the habit.  

Build your exercise program so that you are moving every day.  At a minimum, Brenda says push-ups, sit-ups and walking.  PRO TIP:  Wake up early enough so that you can get your exercise done in the morning.  Drink water, exercise, take time to reflect.  Make it a habit to start your mornings in this way and you will succeed. To often ife get's in the way if you push these things later in the day or evening. 
HERE ARE SOME HELPFUL LINKS: (One of the great things about using bands is that you can take them with you wherever you go.  If you are walking to the park, take your band with you.  Consider adding a band workout to your walking routine, even  if it's 10 or 15 minutes.)

10 Minute TheraBand Abdominal & Core Exercises

10 Minute TheraBand Leg & Butt Tone & Shape

9 Minute TheraBand Shoulder & Upper Back Exercises
(all of these exercises can be done standing or seated)

Exercise 1: Overhead Front Pull Down
Exercise 2: Low Side Pulse x 10-15
Exercise 3: Lat Pull x 10-20
Exercise 4: Bicep Curl Mid Pulse x 10-20
Exercise 5: Bicep Curl Full Range x 10-15
Exercise 6: Tricep Side Press x 10-20
Exercise 7: Straight Arm Pull Back x 10-20
Exercise 8: Shoulder Circles x 10-15
Exercise 9: Bicep Curls
Exercise 10: One Arm Row

9 Minute TheraBand Upper Back & Shoulder (Shoulders & Posture)
This one is a little challenging and dynamic:  Nothing needed but band
Exercise 1: Pushback Rows x 15-20
Exercise 2: Arm Circles x 10-15
Exercise 3: Rotator Cuff Overhead Press x 10
Exercise 4: Seated Row x 15-20
Exercise 5: Low Rows & Side Raise x 10-15
Exercise 6: Mid Rows x 1--15

12 Minute TheraBand Shoulder & Back Strength Workout

Exercise 1: Rotator Cuff Strengthen
Exercise 2: Side Openings
Exercise 3: Bicep Curls
Exercise 4: Diagonal Arm Openings
Exercise 5: Triceps Toner
Exercise 6: Arm Pulls (will need to wrap band around bar or poll)


20 Minute TheraBand Full Body Band Strength (Mat & Band)

Exercise 1: Bicep Ab Curls x 15
Exercise 2: Supine Side Arm Pulls x 10-15
Exercise 3: Arm & Leg Lowers x 10
Exercise 4: Mid Rows x 10
Exercise 5: Bicep Curls x 15
Exercise 6: Low Rows with Straight Arms x 10
Exercise 7: Crossover Rows x 15
Exercise 8: Leg Squeezes x 10
Exercise 9: Double Leg Lowers x 10
Exercise 10: Fast Leg Extensions x 10
Exercise 11: Teaser Leg Extensions x 10
Exercise 12: Opposite Arm & Leg Lift x 10
Exercise 13: Full Back Extensions x 5 (x 5 sets)
Extension 14: Pointer Opposites x 10
Extension 15: Tricep Press Back x 15
Extension 16: Low to High Arm Pulse x 5 (5 sets)
Extension 17: Step Squat x 10 (band tied top both knees)
Extension 18: Side Tap & Circle X 5
Extension 19: Glute Squeezes x 15
Extension 20: Front Leg Raises x 15
Chest Stretch
Side Stretch
Round Shoulder Stretch
Standing on the band/ shoulders down/ neck stretch
Quad Stretch/ pulling the foot back behind (can use band to lift)


20 Minute TheraBand Upper Body & Abs

20 Minute TheraBand Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Identify the barriers in your life, and develop discipline, courage and the strength to permantly move beyond them, and keep moving forward.  - Germany Kent

Being healthy is more than just eating right or participating in a daily physical activity.  Being healthy is about making wellness a priority.  The We Promote Health mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles in our homes, schools and workplaces by providing opportunities to engage our community to take action.  We hope that during this 12 week initiative you will develop a routine that will set you on a course to improve your overall health.  Even beyond that, our hope is that everyone will have fun and positively improve the culture of wellness in their home and their own community of family and friends. We hope that you will invite and encourage others to join you!

For some, this challenge will be about losing weight; for others it will be about maintaining a healthy weight.   Whatever your goal, eating healthier, reducing sugary beverages, getting more sleep, the Get Fit Stay Fit Challenge is about finding your balance. This challenge will officially start Saturday, September 12th with a kick-off at Centennial Park (Pavilion H) parking area.  You can attend in-person or virtually.   Details will be on this page and will be updated regulary.

Brian Jolles, President 
We Promote Health

Questions: email