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Thank you for agreeing to be an Activity Sponsor, if you have not already submitted your Activity Sponsor Agreement form, please do so before completing this form.  ONLY REGISTERED ACTIVITY SPONSORS events will be considered for the calendar.

We try to make our calendar as balanced as possible.  Events can be Educational, Physical Activity, Nutrition or Wellness related.  We also have a select number of "Just for Fun" activities that we post on the calendar.  Activities should be FREE or very low cost.  If you have a specific number of spaces available, please include in the description. If there are any specific requirements or restrictions, please state in the description as well. 

We cannot guarantee that your event will show in the calendar.  We will make every effort to include as many different events as possible, but we reserve the right to selection of events based on space and nature of the event.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at