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Watch this short video about How to Join A Team.  When finished click Join on Team on the Right.

IT'S FREE!  IT'S FUN! AND YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US!  There are countless opportunities in Howard County to get active that cost you nothing--but offer you something more valuable than almost anything else ......YOUR HEALTH!  Sign up for Get Active Howard County, and, if you don't have a team ---- You are invited to join the HealthNuts!  The HealthNuts are Get Active Howard County's largest community team. Many of us show up every Saturday for the FREE "Boot Camp in the Park".  It's the perfect physical activity for all ages and fitness levels.


Click Here to: Join The HealthNuts

The HealthNuts is a Get Active Howard County (GAHC) community team made up individuals of all ages and interests. If you want to join a team of wellness minded individuals that like to get active, the HealthNuts is your team!  As team captain, I will pass on GAHC communications highlighting events, programs and opportunities to help you get active and improve your overall wellness.

There is no right way or wrong way to participate.  The GAHC community wellness calendar is available for every registered participant. As a HealthNuts team member, you will receive timely communications so that you don't miss out on special opportunities available throughout the community.    

If you are not currently on another Get Active Howard County team and want to join the HealthNuts, signing up and participating is easy, fun and FREE:

Step 1:  Go to
Step 2:  Click on Sign Up (You will find the button on the right side of the screen)
Step 3:  Input the information requested to register. Once registered, you will be asked to input your team name. (HealthNuts)
Enter your own personal weekly exercise goal. (Example, a goal of 30 minutes 5 x weekly would be 150 minutes)
Step 4:   When asked for Team Name, enter:   HealthNuts (one word; not case sensitive) 

Click Here to: Join The HealthNuts

Get Active Howard County has a community goal of reaching 2,000,000 physical activity minutes.   The HealthNuts hopes to contribute at least 100,000 minutes to that goal.  Join us, set your personal goal and and let's get moving!

Brian Jolles, Team Captain
The HealthNuts

"Health nuts are going to feel pretty stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing" ~  Redd Foxx