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WeCan Howard County Nutrition Team Coordinators
(This page will be updated throughout the year to provide you with the latest nutrition ideas)  

Becky Ramsing, MPH, R.D. - Tambua Consulting
Christine Lothen-Kline, MPH, R.D. - Tambua Consulting
Amy Adler,Healthy Howard - Healthy Howard Restaurants Coordinator

Becky Ramsing and Christine Lothen-Kline are registered dietitian's, and nutrition and public health consultants.  They own and operate Tambua Consulting and Health Promotion on Call in Howard County, Maryland.

Amy Adler is the coordinator for Healthy Howard Restaurants.  When you see the Healthy Howard certificate, you know the restaurant-from fast food to fine dining - has a clean and safe environment and offers healthy menu choices.  For an up to date list of Healthy Howard Restaurants, CLICK HERE 

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Kids in the Kitchen?

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat those Veggies?  How about putting them to work? 

Getting kids involved in shopping and food prep may increase their likelihood of tasting and liking a variety of vegetables and new foods.  You may not see the results right away, but you are influencing a lifetime of good habits and giving them cooking skills they can use in the future!


Cook with kids
•    Young kids can use plastic knives or a plastic lettuce knife to cut lettuce or soft vegetables
•    Kids are also great at stirring  and pouring from small containers
•    Measuring helps kids practice fractions and counting skills
•    Make sure they are sitting at the table or counter, rather that standing on a chair (for safety’s sake)
•    Ask you children to set the table.  Let them pick out a tablecloth and arrange it creatively!
•    Older kids can be in charge of preparing a meal each week.  they may need some help at first, but they will become more independent.

Plan together
•    Sit down on the weekend and have the family suggest meals for the week.  You can adjust the meal a bit to make sure it has 3-4 food groups.   Kids can even help make the grocery list. 
•    Keep some simple cookbooks or cooking magazines around to give ideas.
For tonight! 
Try Bowtie Pasta with Chicken, Broccoli and Feta – a yummy way to get your kids to eat broccoli that only takes 15 minutes to prepare! 

Here are just a few ideas we like for recipes and resources
•    NIH We Can Web site has searchable recipes and a downloadable Healthy Family Meals cookbook 
•    ChopChop – A magazine, Web site and cookbook all with the mission to inspire and teach kids to cook real food with their families
•    Eating Well ( and Cooking Light  ( are monthly publications with Web sites providing healthy recipes for any occasion. 

By: Becky Ramsing, MPH, RD, LDN
March 2015