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Join us on Saturday mornings from 8am to 9am at Centennial Park!

Frequently Asked Questions
(Circuit Training in the Park; 10/10 In The Park; Boot Camp; Guiness word record for Largest Circuit Training - it's official)

What is "Boot Camp in the Park"?  
When you hear the words "Boot Camp", what do you think of?  Most people think of a military style workout at a high intensity led by a drill sergeant.  Boot Camp in the Park, in contrast, has been designed to accomodate all fitness levels.  Volunteer trainers modify all activities and each individual has an opportunity to participate, get a great workout and have fun! You don’t need equipment and you don’t need machines. Anyone can do it! 
"It's not about the intensity of your workout, it's about your effort".  As part of the 10 week Get Active Howard County (GAHC) initiative, We Promote Health (WPH) created this activity for the Howard County community. The initial concept offered 10 trainers donating their time, knowledge and passion, providing an outdoor exercise opportunity for the 10 weeks of GAHC.  We called the program "10/10 In The Park". During the process, WPH interested Guinness World Records (GWR) in the idea and format of the outdoor circuit training and the opportunity to set a brand new world record was agreed upon.  The program was changed from 10/10 in the Park to "Boot Camp in the Park" as the group grew and the trainings extended beyond the 10 weeks.  On June 18th, 2011, the group set the Guinness World Record.  Recognizing the value to the community and the important message the free boot camp represented, the volunteer WPH team, together with dedicated volunteer trainers, agreed to continuing the program for 35 weeks each year.  The "Boot Camp in the Park" continues to be coordinated by We Promote Health in partnership with Get Active Howard County and Howard County Recreation and Parks. 

Why Circuit Training in the Park? (10/10 In The Park; Boot Camp Lite)
Boot Camp in the Park" is a great opportunity for Howard Countians to work out with some of the area's best professional fitness trainers.  Sometimes referred to as "Boot Camp Lite", perspective participants should understand that anyone can do this. No matter where you are on the fitness scale, the outdoor circuit training is a great way to start living a more active life and building a habit of exercise and wellness.  This FREE program will take place Saturday mornings for 35 weeks each year.  

What is the purpose of Circuit Training in the Park?  

To engage people who have never done a bootcamp (while challenging the already active)
To help individuals achieve their fitness goals
To create the camaraderie and support system that develops as friends meet in the park each Saturday

To promote exercise as fun
To provide opportunities for parents to build a culture of family physical activity
To provide employers an opportunity to enhance their wellness initiatives by encouraging their employees to take advantage of this free outdoor physical activity
To encourage everyone to join in the fight to prevent overweight and obesity

Who Can Participate?
Anyone who lives, works or plays in Howard County is welcome to participate.  All participants are required to sign a participation waiver.  Link to Waiver    It's free to participate!   If you forget to sign up on-line, you can sign up on-site (please arrive early if possible)   Email us with questions at:
Can children participate in Circuit Training in the Park?
Yes, children are welcome with their adult parent or guardian, or with an organized chaperoned group.  Children under 16 are not permitted without a parent or guardian present.  All participants must sign a participation waiver.  Link to Waiver   The Boot Camp in the Park is now an extension of the Howard County WeCan program developed for Howard County Elementary Schools.  WeCan is an NIH based program to fight overweight and obesity.  WeCan stands for "Ways to Enhance Children's Activity and Nutrition.  WeCan participants will know this program as "We Can Move in the Park".  

Where do we meet?   The circuit training takes place at Centennial Park (108 entrance). Enter the park and follow the Get Active Howard County signs.  On a rare occasion, we will relocate to another local area park.  For that reason, we do recommend that you check periodically for confirmation by clicking on updates under World Record In The Park. 

What time do we meet?  Our registration table will be open by 7:45am.  We ask that you make every effort to arrive by 7:55am to register for that morning (it's free).  At 7:55am, we will introduce our trainer(s) and warm-up.  The activity will take place from 8:00am-9:00am with a short cool down at the end.   

We Set a Guinness World Record (Record Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2011)
317 of us accomplished something really big --a Guinness World Record for the largest outdoor 60 minute circuit training!  Participants in the "Boot Camp in the Park" formed the foundation for this community-wide world record event.  Click on the Guinness World Record drop down for more information about this accomplishment!


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